The organ was erected in the year 1882, its cost was defrayed by public subscription. The whole sum raised by this and like means amounted to £256.6.6d. The organ itself cost £225 and was built by Messrs Hill. The platform on which it stands was erected by Mr Lot Jachaman of Bury St Edmunds at a cost of £15.5.0d and the balance was spent on the curtains, seat, lights and other incidental expenses. The organ was opened at a special service on November 2nd 1882 in the presence of Dr Woodfow, the Lord Bishop of the Diocese, who preached the sermon on the occasion to an overwhelming congregation. The instrument was played by an old friend and college pupil of the Rector, the Rev Montague Nepean Rector of Great Brickhill in Buckinghamshire. A large number of the clergy of the neighbourhood were present to welcome the Bishop on this, his first visit to the parish of Moulton.

Organ Restoration 1978

The overhaul of the organ was completed by Mr Kenneth Canter in May. Many favourable comments have been passed about the improvement in the balance and brilliance of tone of the pipes. Careful adjustments to the tracker action between the manuals and the pipework has resulted in a lighter touch on the keyboards and it is a pleasure to play without notes sticking or refusing to sound. Three pipes have been replaced, having been gnawed by mice, so perhaps the expression "as poor as a church mouse" is more relevant than we realise.

With the organ stripped down, this was a good opportunity to repaint the case and loft. Mr.N.Mayes kindly donated the paint and this was applied by Messrs A Shaw, B Gray, and W Bell.

Some gold paint bought with the blessing of the Treasurer, Mr F Moores

undertook to paint the visible metal and wooden pipes. There is a great deal more paintwork than one would at first imagine and thanks are due to those who volunteered to give up much of their time to complete the work before re-assembly of the organ took place.