What are we? 

The Moulton Charity is the combination of three smaller charities into one. 

What do we do presently?

The Moulton Fuel Land & William Deynes Charity were established in 1869 to provide assistance to the elderly, disabled and poor of the parish, and in particular with fuel for people in need. Each year fuel vouchers are given to villagers who successfully apply for support. Funds come from rents on land owned by the charity, at Church Meadow, the fields that abut the Church and Priory, and grazing land along Bury Lane.

The Churches and Bridges (Town Estate) Charity since 1829 has provided financial support for St Peter’s Church Fabric Fund and for the maintenance of the ‘Pretty Bridge’ along Brookside. Funds come from rents paid on land owned including adjacent to the School let to the County Council for use as a playing field, and the adjoining grazing land, and a 4 acre paddock in Freckenham, as well as some interest earned on small deposits invested many years ago

The Mortlock Benefication Charity which started around 1860, used the interest paid on a small investment to purchase a book prize for the school. In 2016 the decision was made to transfer this small investment to the Churches and Bridges Charity because the low interest earned made the separate operation of this charity unviable.

These Charities have now been amalgamated; the Trustees are currently the two Church Wardens, the Team Vicar, and 3 villagers nominated by the Parish Council - Bill Rampling, Douglas James, and Rachel Webb.  Lorraine Stone, following her retirement from the Parish Council, has volunteered to continue to administer the Charity on behalf of The Trustees.

The aims of the Charity have been widened and modernised, and not only will carry out reparation works to the Church and bridge, but will endeavour to provide financial assistance (including fuel vouchers)  and various services to promote healthy living and well-being among beneficiaries within the Parish of Moulton, for the benefit of the public.  Beneficiaries to include parishioners in need.  In the future the Charity will consider the possibility and potential of managing a scheme for the provision of affordable housing in Moulton.

Why are we writing this? 

In view of the unprecedented situation as a result of the Covid crisis, the Trustees feel that they should try to reach out to villagers who may now find themselves in difficult circumstances as a result of the pandemic, and all the challenges that this had brought about.  This is a unique opportunity to reach out to villagers who may for the first time in their lives find themselves struggling to cope, and under the revised charitable objectives the Trustees are in a position to consider any additional applications for help at this time.

If you would like more information please write in confidence to

Bill Rampling c/o Lorraine Stone, Hydes Barn, Elms Road, Freckenham, Bury St Edmunds IP28 8JG

Or call Bill on 01284 761594  or Anne on 751188