West Suffolk District Council Local Plan

Moulton Parish Council Response is available to view here

Leaflets were delivered to all residents of Moulton explaining the open Consultation. Moulton Parish Council requested a response from all residents to gain a clear understanding of the general opinion to the plans.  
Click here to view the leaflet
- Updates: All responses have been received and the returns have been analysed. The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who took the time to inform us of their opinion on the Local Plan. We have had a huge response and the information that we have received is very useful. Thank you to those who provided additional comments and information. 

Sunnica Solar Development - a large scale, energy storage Infrastructure Project.
Sunnica Ltd are seeking to provide 500MW of renewable energy through solar panels and battery storage systems. The location of this scheme is planned in the East Cambridgeshire District. It will be in close proximity to Isleham, Worlington, Freckenham, Kentford, Chippenham and Snailwell. The cable route will connect to the National Grid Substation in Burwell. Sunnica expects the development to cover an area of appriximately 1,130 hectares. Due to the size, this application is classified as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). An application to the Planning Inspectorate for a Development Consent Order is required. The final decision is issued by the Secretary of State. 
- If you are interested in finding out more information about the Sunnica Solar development, or would like complete a consultation questionnaire to submit your opinion visit their website on the following link Sunnica

The Statutory Consultation is open from 22nd September 2020 - 17th December 2020.
(After this date no further opinions or responses will be accepted)



Changes to blue and black bin collection days and times
Blue and black bin days and times in West Suffolk will shortly be changing and a yellow tag on black bins will alert residents to look out for a letter containing full details of what this means for them. Roll-out of the new days and times will begin on Monday 11 November, but before then households will have been posted their new blue and black bin collection day letter together with a calendar
to help manage the transition. Full details will also be available to look up, nearer the time, on the council website 

Demand for waste services has grown since rounds were last reviewed in 2010 and the changes coming up will help create capacity, save waste miles and make the service more efficient. Garden Waste Collection Service subscribers will not see a change in their brown bin collection this year and we thank all residents for their help in making sure bins are out by 6.30am.


Messages from 

HM The Queen's message to the Nation on 5th April 2020 page 1

HM The Queen's message to the Nation  on 5th April 2020 page 2

Letter from Lord Lieutenant 14th May 2020

HM The Queen Address re 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Please note the following re next Parish Council Meeting

The next meeting is on 12th October  - currently we are trying to hold a live meeting at the School - main hall - 6.30pm til 8pm.

However in view of the changing regulations and need to wear masks - it may revert to a virtual one nearer the time.  Please check this website or contact the Parish Clerk for more information.




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